Literary Translations


An excerpt of Justice by Faḍīlah al-Shābbī, a leading literary figure in Tunisia since the 1970’s. The author of more than a dozen collections of poetry, multiple volumes of children’s literature, a collection of short stories, and four novels, she is also, notably, the cousin of poet Abū al-Qāsim al-Shābbī (d.1934), whose “Irādat al-ḥayat” (“The Will to Live”), originally associated with the struggle for independence from colonial rule, quickly became the revolutionary anthem throughout the Arab world when the protests began in 2010. The novel from which this excerpt is taken, Justice (al-‘Adl), is part of a trilogy of political fiction. Written in 2005, Justice was banned for three years by Ben ‘Ali’s government before it was available to the public. Published by Bosphorus Review (2017) Link:

Paul Bowles: The Recluse of Tangier (Būl Būwilz wa-‘uzlat ṭanjā) by Mohamed Choukri  published as part of a three book set with Jean Genet in Tangier and Tennessee Williams in Tangier under the title In Tangier.
London: Telegram Books (an imprint of Saqi) 2008

“A Clean Kill” (qatl naẓīf) by Raḍwā ‘Āshūr and accompanying biographical sketch.
Words Without Borders: The Online Magazine for International Literature (June 2004)